Make your “lanika” woke up

Freelens helps visualize of creative ideas from MPK Lanika. This collaboration were an experience for freelens in the music event segment.

The Lanika theme was taken to describe people as a being human who always have a desire to express themselves but sometimes they don’t meet what they want. Lanika is derived from the language “Wahai” which means “Surga” / the best feeling that can be felt by human. MPK Lanika was present as a place to meet people needs and express individual personality accordance to what they want to show about.

MPK Lanika is a musical event organized by Taruna Bakti Senior High School on 15 October 2016 at SOR area (Sports Facility) SUCI Taruna Bakti. Approximately 2700 visitors filled the event and enjoyed various music performances including white shoes, elephant kind, and closed with fantastic performances by Tulus.